04 February 2016

Back to consulting!!

Life moves in mysterious ways.

In the two previous blog entries I  explained that I had stopped with consulting to focus on setting up a new healthcare business. That business was a huge success. In less than five years we put in place 50 small-scale locations for helping (young) people with autism, had 200 employees, and helped many people with autism reach their targets (finishing school, finishing university, finding and keeping a job, etc). I have now sold my shares in that company and have started the next chapter of my life.

My current focus is "Innovation in Healthcare" and I am doing this through a mixture of consulting to existing organisations and the development of new innovative healthcare organisations. My consulting work with existing healthcare organisations usually involves working closely with teams from the company and utilizes the same techniques as developed for Team Based Consulting. My team members therefore are linked to my article on how best to manage complex projects and to this blog.

If you want to know more about my current activities please go to www.vardetun.com.